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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Black Hat Top Hack- Attack Tools For Hackers

   HackinG Tools BY Asad Xeo 
  1. Armitage : Graphical Cyber Attack Management Tool
      Armitage is a graphical cyber attack management tool for Metasploit that visualizes your               targets, recommends exploits, and exposes the advanced capabilities of the framework.                     Armitage aims to make Metasploit usable for security practitioners who understand 
      hacking but don’t use Metasploit every day. If you want to learn Metasploit and grow  
      into the    advanced features, Armitage can help yo
      Download NOw for                         Windows : Linux: MacOS X


       2.Dark-Jumper v5.8 : SQLi, LFi RFi Scanner
     Darkjumper is a free tool what will try to find every website that hosts at the same server as your        target. Then check for every vulnerability of each website that host at the same time


   3.Dossier detective (information gathering/doxing tool        coded by me)   

    Dossier Detective:
    [Image: dossier%20detective%20screenie.jpg]

    This tool takes advantage of the freely available public information on the internet in an attempt to create a           dossier on individuals and companies by using a plethora of techniques. It will do things like use 
search               engines, social networking sites, vehicle databases, telephone systems and much more. Primarily 
     aimed at private detectives but obviously not restricted to - coded in VC++ and required the .NET 
     rumtime 3.5 or  above to run.
                                        ONLY ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE

               DOWNLOAD NOW


   4.Lucidity Scanner (check vulnerable computers, webservers, DoS attack etc)
      coded by me

   This is the BEST tool I've made to date:
   [Image: lucidty%20screenshot.jpg]
   Lucidity Scanner

   This is a tool for checking and testing computers and web servers which can help build up a blueprint of the          system and identify potentially exploitable weaknesses.
   5.iPentagram - ShellBooter, DorkScanner, Vuln.Scanner, IPTracer, TxtEncrypt                    [MediaFire] 

   [Image: jbpZAXH5JiQlqu.png]
    What is iPentagram?
   iPentagram is a project I have been working on for the past few weeks.It includes a large variety 
    of functions which are mandatory for all computer lovers and enthusiasts.
  • // Shell Booter - Powerful and advanced shellbooter which gives the users the ability to add new shells.
  • // Dork Scanner - Scan websites for dorks with blazing speeds.
  • // Vulnerability Detector - SQLi vulnerability detector with multiple settings.
  • // IP Tracer - Trace, log and export IP addresses.
  • // File Pumper - Increase the size of your executables without corrupting it.
  • // Text Encryption/Decryption -
  • Gives the user the ability to encrypt or decrypt submitted text.
  • // Multi-threaded - iPentagram is fully multi-threaded. Meaning, you can run multiple tools at once without causing the application to freeze or crash.
  • // User Friendly - iPentagram was designed to be used not only by professionals but also by beginners and is therefore extremely user friendly. With messages and tooltips that even a child could understand, iPentagram is as easy as it gets.
  • // Automatic Updates - iPentagram will automatically notify the user when a new update is available and will allow the user to get his/her hands on the new update with just the click of a button.
         Download Now : Mediafire link\ : password

               Do not remove/relocate the files associated with iPentagram or it may not work.


      6.Flutter Packets [DOS] 
      [Image: zWfu8TO.png]
      Download Binray here
      Download Source here

     7.CPanel Nightmare - puplic Version

     [Image: 2vi1747.png]
       This is the public version
       This version is 3 times slower from private version
       Also the ftp brute was disabled in public version
       For penetration testing only
     Download Link              
                           Login Password: pentest

  8. 2.BlaZer's Tool Kit - All in One Hacking Tools Pack : Free Download


      ★ Inbuilt Web Browser with Java Script and Flash

      ★ Email Bomber

      ★ Port Scanner

      ★ Screen Recorder

      ★ Pinger

      ★ Anti-Virus Finder

      ★ File-Downloader and much more.....
      Download Now

    9.Aph3x Stresser V2! Just Him Em Up! 
    [Image: 2ylsr4p.jpg]
    Fixed some bugs.
    Made it more stable.
    Works faster.
    Should work with any ddos shell out there with no  problems.
    Added unlimited attack time ( 99999999999?
    yea,even more)
    Download Link: here

   10.SQL Injection TOOLs All IN One  Complete Pack
     SQL Injection TOOLs All IN One

->Black Out v1.0
->Havij1.13 Pro edition
->Palector v1
->Sabre Flood
                Download Now 

 11.On Cracking Rampage OCR 1.14 Tool 
 [Image: tvocr.jpg]
  Cracking Rampage OCR

12.Here is a decent little cracker. It requires a proxy list but  gets good results. Enjoy

     [Image: y1XiOTx.png]


    [Image: 45995_257x193.jpg]
   The powerful tool to your email marketing service. Use SMTP SCANER, you can find out 
     many workable SMTP servers in few hours or days. It is can check the SMTP server
     (Relay SMTP Server and Anonymous SMTP Server). It can use hundreds of threads/connections
      to search
   Click here To download


  14. Exploit Scanner
    Here a Exploit Scanner very easy to use.
    Have fun and hack as many you could :dance:

    Click here to download


15.WordPress Site Bruce Force 
[Image: 1ifXL]
Click here to download 
16.Ez File Pumper
       A pumper makes a file bigger. (the size of the file) So if you have a virus, and its 2kb,                nobody will download it because its definitely not anything real, so if you make the
     file to say 2mb people wont think twice about it. So lets just say you made a virus,
      but the size is way to small and people will not download it because of the size. 
      So what do you need... The Ez File Pumper!!!!
    [Image: 2jfkr5k.jpg]
    Click Here To DOwnload


  17.Source DecFlooder v1.00

         Email Bomber
         Chat Spammer
          Download Now

      [Image: image_1.jpg]
     BlackHoleexploit kit is A type of crimeware Web application developed in Russia to 
       help hackers take advantage of unpatched exploits in order to hack computers via 
        malicious scripts planted on compromised websites.
        Download it NOw

   19.GetSploits - search database by  command line
        getsploits searches for specific exploits/shellcode/papers (using several search 
          options to narrow down the results) from and prints descriptions 
           and links to found exploits/shellcode/papers and optionally writes links and 
          descriptions of found results to a file.
      Download it now

 20.Nmap - The most advanced scanner
      If you haven't tried nmap yet, you really should cause it's imho the best 
        You can get it off , and of course it both works on
        windows and linux, thus you can get the source of it too if you want to.
       Download Now 
       The Most Commonly used Tool For hacking recomended by hackers give it a try

      Download Backtrack Now


22.  Kali Linux
      Kali is a complete re-build of BackTrack Linux, adhering completely to Debian development                standards. All-new infrastructure has been put in place, all tools were reviewed and packaged,             and we use Git for our VCS.
    More than 300 penetration testing tools: After reviewing every tool that was included in                    BackTrack, we eliminated a great number of tools that either did not work or had other 
     tools available that provided similar functionality.
         Download Now


  23.Netsparker PentestTool
     [Image: 1.png]
          This is a tool for Web Penetratition  more friendly "Vurnerable
        Friendly interface that makes you comfort to use
        Net sparker Community Version [free version]
        Click Here To Download

 24.  Horny Monkey Deface Builder v1
        Horny Monkey Deface Builder is for create your defacement in HTML.
             Edited! Image links

                Download Now

   25.     AIRCRACK
      Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover                  keys once enough data packets have been captured. It implements the standard FMS                attack along with some optimizations like KoreK attacks
         Click Here To Download


  26. BarsWF

        BarsWF is the worlds fastest md5 bruteforcing password cracker, 
          just in case you didn't already know It combines using your 
          computers processor with you graphics cards GPU for computing 
          the largest amount of hashes as quickly as possible.

          Click here to download



               Bloodshed IDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming                      language.

              Download Now

   28. NEMESIS
              Nemesis is a packet injector utility that is command line based and supports linux and windows
              Download Now


    29. HPING
              Hping is a command-line TCP/IP assembler that supports TCP, ICMP, UDP and RAW-IP                         protocols also works on Unix systems, Windows, Sun and MacOS's.
             download link


  30.  Metasploit:A hackers Real Friend
       [Image: lemjh.png]
       Metasploit Framework, a tool for developing and executing 
         exploit code against a remote target machine. Other important
         sub-projects include the Opcode Database, shellcode archive, 
        and security research.

        The Metasploit Project is also well known for anti-forensic and 
         evasions tools, some of which are built into the Metasploit 
         DOWNload Now


         These are very strong ddos attack tools 

         Download LOIC

             DOWNLOAD HOIC

                      IF U HAVE ANY GOOD TOOL TO SHARE THEN COMMENT                           I'LL add it too      

                               HOPE U LIKE MY TOols Comments will be                                     appreciated :) :) 
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